So we all knew it was going to come to this.

A Trump Presidency. With his way with words and people, his love of felines and his desire to make America great again, he was always going to become President. And he will be GOOD at it. The best there ever was or ever will be. Because he has the business skills.

Plus that other lady she was never gonna be available to do the job


Don’t just ask me though.

Lots of people were happy for Donald.


These people were so happy they had to pause to pray so they could get rid of their sins and then be happy again. That is how HAPPY they were

Then there is this guy. Scott Baio. He is SO HAPPY that he went back in time with all that Happy Energy and sent us a photo of just how happy he was!


But you know who is happiest of all? The guy in the photo before because he funded himself, he took himself to the rallies and he knows that he is the bestest of all to get the job done.

Accept no subsitute




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