Jobs for the supporters

President Trump COULD do it alone but he has decided that he wants people with him who look like they are helping but are actually doing nothing.

This guy is more that willing to help



Stephen Bannon brings a lot of ideas to the party. Mainly however they are about White people because as a white person he knows a LOT of the things about being a white person.



Why Religion is the most important and why Science just doesn’t make sense.


Wait, wrong guy. This is not Mike Pence, however they are friends. This is David Duke and he represents a bunch of guys who just want to wear white. Leave them alone!


So now that Trump has won and America is saved, we need to see who will help him get the job done.

It’s this guy.


Trump knows a winner when he sees one and it’s this guy. Mike Pence, aka Eminem. Mike Pence also knows women. In fact hes knows Women better than they know themselves which is why he knows Abortion is a bad thing and that praying to god is a sure fire way to not get pregnant at all!

Mike also knows Science. In fact he has proven to all with the election that Creationism surely beats Evolution. Evolution is just a big pile of doo doo. Plus, the World being Round? Don’t think so.




Trump Wins! Fatality!

So we all knew it was going to come to this.

A Trump Presidency. With his way with words and people, his love of felines and his desire to make America great again, he was always going to become President. And he will be GOOD at it. The best there ever was or ever will be. Because he has the business skills.

Plus that other lady she was never gonna be available to do the job


Don’t just ask me though.

Lots of people were happy for Donald.


These people were so happy they had to pause to pray so they could get rid of their sins and then be happy again. That is how HAPPY they were

Then there is this guy. Scott Baio. He is SO HAPPY that he went back in time with all that Happy Energy and sent us a photo of just how happy he was!


But you know who is happiest of all? The guy in the photo before because he funded himself, he took himself to the rallies and he knows that he is the bestest of all to get the job done.

Accept no subsitute



Women Also support Trump

Did you know there are as many Women as Men in America.. perhaps more?

Women also love Trump. A Lot of women. But we wont name names.

Women in pink like Trump


But it isn’t just Women in Pink who like Trump, Women who love signs also love Trump


I just hope they know he is married

This lady is so excited she brought all her sisters.. and don’t they just love Trump!


Look, all of her sisters came with her.

People may get excited around Trump, but whats not to love with that Cheezo coloured skin and the addiction to east European women.



Blocking Freedom of Speech

Ever Since Obama and his African friends took over in the Whitehouse, American freedom of speech has been surpressed. People cant talk to their friends anymore, or wear white robes, or spread the word of Jebus without someone being accused of being a rapist or a pervert.

This video is a good example of people in trouble because of their Christian beliefs.


Speaking the truth!

Meeting the first supporter

trump-supportersTrump’s republican supporters are all very real, very involved and most importantly they CARE about America and making it great again.

Making America again of course means repealing this:


Obamacare offers health cover to many poor people who are too LAZY to get a job or to find a bigger box to sleep in. This isn’t how things are done in America, maybe how they are done in Kenya.




My very first blog post

This is my very first blog post on my very first blog site.

Do not expect to see much here at this point in time.. mostly because I do not have a lot to say most of the time.

I think it is appropriate to start off with something re Donald Trump because he is such a deplorable.